The traditional accompanying program of the Great Plain Animal Husbandry Days in Hódmezővásárhely is the Hungarian Animal Husbandry Product Award tender announced for the exhibitors.

In the year 2016, nearly 40 applications were submitted to the professional jury, 14 of which dealt exclusively with the topic of feeding. Such great interest has not yet surrounded the professional competition.

UBM Feed Kft. took part in the competition with the tender material entitled “Production of raw milk with an increased polyunsaturated fatty acid content, or FIT-FAT MILK under large-scale conditions”.

The precondition for the use of the trademark until 2024 is the production of raw milk with a modified fatty acid composition, which so far has not been possible with dairy animals kept on a mono-diet in large-scale domestic conditions.

The feeding method behind the production of FIT-FAT MILK makes it possible to reduce the proportion of saturated fatty acids in raw milk by 10% and to increase the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids by 50% compared to conventional milk. Similar results have been reported so far only after the application of grazing technology!

One of the goals of the UBM is to draw attention to the production of quality domestic food by involving the participants of the product chain.

The competition was also appreciated by the professional jury, as it gave the entry the 2nd place in the Animal Husbandry category out of 40 entries.

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