All the podium places were taken by UBM partners in mixed-sex stocks.

On 10 December 2019, a few of us represented UBM and MA-KA in the Ross 400 Club, an event of Aviagen Kft, that has been organised regularly for several years.

The value indicator

The event was attended by producers and feed manufacturers working with ROSS 308 poultry genetics who achieved a broiler index higher than 400 in a year. (Calculated from several natural indicators, the broiler index is an indicator that tries to concentrate farm production results into one figure taking feed consumption, preparation time, final weight and mortality into account.)

Rapid development

3 years ago, less than 20 farmers managed to achieve a broiler index of 400. In 2019, more than 40 producers measured values above 400 in more than 130 shifts.

In a competition covering the period from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019, the performance of producers using feeds produced by 6 feed mixing companies was examined.

High-quality needs

The most valuable properties of the high genetic capacity ROSS 308 are: high growth vigor, solid organisation, attractive meat forms, cutting properties and excellent feed utilization. If – broiler producers with practical experience add – local conditions, husbandry technology, care, health and climatic conditions and quality feeding meet the needs of the birds.

According to the results of the competition, UBM feeds do more than just meet the requirements of quality feeding.

The production results were divided into 3 categories. In the first category, cross-sex farms, in the second and third category, mixed-sex farms (below and above 120,000 chickens respectively) were awarded.

A decisive dominance of UBM products

In our view, market performance is mostly reflected in mixed-sex farms, given that the vast majority of producers work in this system.

In these two categories, below and above 120,000 chickens, the first three places, i.e. all 6 podium places, were won with MA-KA and Szeleste feeds produced by the professional team of UBM.

According to our calculations, out of the approximately 11.5 million chickens reared by the companies invited to the competition because of their 400+ index, more than 9 million were fed with fodder produced by the UBM Group. This kind of achievement is so outstanding that it also surprised the competition organiser Aviagen Kft.


We would like to thank the participants of this outstanding achievement. We are extremely proud of these Partners and our trained colleagues who produce excellent products. We are confident that these achievements will facilitate our further domestic and foreign market acquisitions.

Preserving values

It felt good when our partners who had success with our feeds thanked us for our help. A team and a community is being formed and kept together through the expertise of the users of our products and our colleagues working at UBM. It is important for UBM to keep this community together and strengthen collaboration based on results. Let us continue to exchange ideas on how to energise, sustain and build this community in the future.