Within the framework of the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair, OMÉK, the 26th Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days in Hódmezővásárhely reintroduced the Product Award for Hungarian Animal Husbandry. Exhibiting companies could submit their applications in the categories of Animal Husbandry and Crop Production. This year, due to the theme of the exhibition, many more applications were received in the animal husbandry category. A total of 23 entries were judged by a professional jury of three.

The evaluation has been done according to a well-established method for years: applications are awarded 1-5 points based on six criteria:

  • origin (how Hungarian the idea, the company, the technology and the production are)
  • age (when the product is/was introduced to the market)
  • topicality (how timely the product, idea, method, etc. is)
  • innovation, novelty, uniqueness
  • science (scientific substantiation of results)
  • reference (who uses it, how prevalent is it on the market).

Taking these aspects into account, UBM Group won the Grand Prize – yet another time after a few years’ interruption – for Animal Husbandry.

Title of the entry: The development of broiler and fattened duck feed lines by determining species-specific nutrient requirement values and digestion coefficients

As a part of the development of duck feeds, UBM was the first to determine the actual amino acid digestibility values of the most important feed ingredients for ducks. The R&D research was carried out in collaboration with the Georgikon Faculty in Keszthely. Using the results, we determined the metabolizable energy (ME) levels that allow optimal weight gain for mulard and Pekin ducks. This makes meat and liver production more efficient, i.e. cheaper to produce per unit of product.

In addition, a special heat treatment process has been used to develop a fattening feed in which the protein and starch content of corn and wheat become more easily digestible, which increases the metabolisable energy content of the feed. We have shown experimentally that feed utilization is primarily determined by the actual digestibility of limiting amino acids in coordination with energy levels.

The result is a diet that allows for more efficient, environmentally friendly duck liver and duck meat production.

It is a special pleasure for us that the Crop Production Grand Prize was won by our key partner Árpád Agrár Zrt.

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