• UBM • Swine Feed

Company history

  • 1996


    Establishment of UB Merchants Ltd.

    The focus is on soybean trade.

  • 1997

    Launching of grain trade

    Currently trading more than 700,000 tons.



  • 2000


    Trade in feed supplements

    For all farm animal species.

  • 2004

    Starting of the feed business

    With 450 kinds of products on the market.



  • 2008


    Purchase of the feed mill in Környe

    Capacity of 20,000 tons.

  • 2010

    Starting of Naptáp (Sunfeed) plant

    More than extracted sunflower meal.



  • 2012


    Starting of the feed mill in Szentes (Ma-Ka)

    Hungary’s most modern feed mill.

  • 2012

    Starting of the SoyPreme plant in Környe

    Production of unique by-pass rumen-protected and full-fat soy products.



  • 2012-2015


    Purchase and renovation of the feed mill in Szeleste

    Capacity of 130,000 tons, full utilization.

  • 2016

    Opening of the premix plant in Környe

    We have become a major player in premix manufacturing.



  • 2017


    Opening of a grain trading office in Bucharest

    Romania is the first step in our expansion.

  • 2018

    Purchase of the feed mill in Čaňa - Slovakia

    Capacity of 100,000 tons after renewal.



  • 2018


    Agromix feed mill

    Majority ownership of the company at Mátészalka.

  • 2019

    Opening of the feed mill in Sanpaul - Romania

    Largest independent feed manufacturing plant in the region.



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