The UBM Group stands by several social organizations and foundations, which consider the support of disadvantaged children and outstanding athletes to be their primary task. Every year, our group helps the work of charitable organizations with donations and financial support.

Our highly supported foundation: Smile Foundation

In parallel with the growth of the UBM Group, there is a need in both the management and the employees to continue our social responsibility in a more serious, planned, and predictable way than before.

First, we articulated our most important goal: to help children live a happy but rapidly passing childhood. As a family-friendly and child-centered workplace, we are consciously in favor of supporting disadvantaged and sick minors.

We have been in contact with the Smile Foundation since 2012. We support them and actively participate in jointly organized programs, e.g. at the Ultrabalaton running competition organized every year. Their high level of professionalism and gap-filling activity is exemplary for us, which is why we have decided to put our cooperation on an even more secure footing from 2020 and to become Key Supporters of the Foundation.

„Much more than a Smile”

With a history of more than 20 years and professional experience, the Smile Foundation is committed to helping children and their families who are seriously ill and in critical physical and mental conditions. In their therapeutic sessions, they work with a wide range of tools, primarily art and play therapy, tailored to the current needs of the children concerned, providing psychological support in crises caused by illness.

In-hospital and out-of-hospital rehabilitation Smile-therapies are available in Budapest, Pécs, and Debrecen. All costs of the therapies are covered by the Foundation, so they are free for families. Their highly trained and experienced therapists, up-to-date quality assurance system, and stable organizational background allow them to complement hospital healing work with the necessary psychological support as a reliable partner.

Supported Foundations

  • Démétér Alapítvány [Démétér Foundation]
  • Országos Egyesület A Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület [‘National Association for Smile’ Public Benefit Association]
  • Csodalámpa Alapítvány [‘Magic Lantern’ Foundation]
  • Nemzeti Gyermek és Koraszülött Mentő Alapítvány [National Child and Premature Baby Rescue Foundation]
  • Teljes Élet Szociális Alapítvány Közhasznú szervezet [‘Full Life’ Social Foundation Public Benefit Organization]
  • KórházSuli Alapítvány [Hospital School Foundation]

Top supported athlete

Háromszéki Petra, European Champion Child Archer

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