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We established the UBM FARM Private Co. Ltd. small-scale sales line of business with the aim to supply the livestock in the Hungarian and Central European micro-regional markets with quality small-scale premixes, concentrates, compound feeds, minerals and other feed supplement products.
Our long-term goal is to preserve the title and reputation of the quality feeds associated with the UBM brand through excellence in our products, to create value for our Partners and Customers, with our customer focus, flexibility, precise workmanship, and product-related services, so that we could take the lead in our industry by complying with our core values.


Domestic market:

Our small-scale partnerships, both domestic and foreign, consist of farms and feed distributor partners who have realized that they can reach efficiency and effectiveness in farming only with high-quality feeds. Our goal is to make our high-quality products known to a broader customer base and to make them available to everyone with the same conditions through our nationwide partner network. One of the fundamental principles of our sales strategy is to generate profit not only for ourselves but also for our Partners through our safe and effective products.


In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, export activity plays an important role in the strategy of UBM. We strengthen our export market position with our high-quality products and distribution network that is constantly expanding and developing. We export premixes, concentrates, and finished feeds to a number of foreign partners and are constantly looking for new export opportunities and relationships for further growth.
Our most important small-scale export areas are Slovakia and Romania.


When developing our small-scale and farm products, we combine our research results and professional experience with technology recommendations in a way to ensure that the UBM PREMIUM and UMB GAZDA feed lines are the perfect choice for healthy and safe livestock rearing. Our compound feeds consist of grains, grain feeds, and protein carriers of consistently controlled quality, supplemented with vitamins, macro- and micronutrients to meet the needs of animals, ensuring balanced production results on small-scale and farm holdings. Consumption of our products is a guarantee of high enjoyment values. We are confident that in our rich product range every customer will find the feed best suited to their purpose and potential. If you are interested, please contact us or call our customer service and ask for written proposals.


Mailing address:
UBM FARM Zrt. 2073 Tök, Újmajor 036/31 HRSZ.
Customer service/Office/Warehouse
2073 Tök, Újmajor 036/31 HRSZ (GPS coordinates: 47.533307, 18.786439)
Phone number: +36 30 190 3587
Email: info@ubmfarm.hu
Warehouse opening hours: 8 AM – 4 PM on weekdays

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