Our feed mills and other plants

In 2004, the Környe feed mill became the property of the group, after having been closed for one and a half years. Following the expansion, the plant is now operating at double its original capacity. Thanks to the continuous investments made in the recent past, our plant in Környe has become the site for quality ruminant feed production, currently producing 30,000 tons of compound feed annually in the form of crumble, pellet and mash. The plant has nearly 25,000 tons of warehouse capacity, which ensures a balanced and safe supply of raw materials for feeding.

UBM Környe Premix plant

The soybean processing plant in Környe started its operation in 2012, based on special manufacturing technology, within the framework of UBM Group investments. The project is part of our professional commitment to assist the domestic livestock sector with efficient feeding solutions.

To significantly improve the feed efficiency in animal feeding, we must use raw materials of high biological value. For this reason, in co-operation with our Norwegian partner, we have developed a soybean treatment process that allows producing special by-pass, rumen-protected soy protein (SoyPreme) at lower temperatures and with a shorter treatment time compared to the traditional processing methods. As a result, besides the SoyPreme product, we currently offer for both ruminants and monogastric animals unique full-fat soy products that are free from antinutritional and anti-enzymatic substances but have excellent amino acid and fat digestion profiles. In addition to creating opportunities for the profitable production of animal products and considering the European agricultural policy, our goal is to provide guaranteed soy products that are free of genetically modified organisms, thus the raw material supply of our plant consists exclusively of high-quality and GMO-free soybeans.

UBM Soypreme plant

With the inauguration of the Környe premix plant, we integrated the most modern facility in Central and Eastern Europe into our feed production. We are proud to be able to guarantee complete traceability from the purchase of raw materials to the use of the finished product by developing a well-designed, fully automated manufacturing system, with strict quality assurance (QS) and barcode system. In our factory, we can provide a wide range of panels, premixes and concentrates (0.05–5.0%) for all farm animal age groups and hobby animal species, hand-tailored to the customers’ demands.

At present, the plant manufactures feeds for ruminants, pigs, poultry (breeders, broilers, turkeys, commercial layers and waterfowl), both in bulk and in bags.

Integrated production planning and inventory management of the enterprise system enable the production of unique, partner-specific formulas and allow the safe handling of thousands of recipes and hundreds of ingredients. Moreover, our outstanding professional team guarantees our future as a major player in premix production.

UBM Környe Premix plant

In December 2013 UBM Agro Co. Ltd. purchased the feed mill in Szeleste, Vas county, Hungary. The manufacturing plant has an annual capacity of 150,000 tons. This capacity is almost fully utilized by the customers of the UBM Group. In addition to our domestic partners, we supply the Slovakian and Croatian market first, then the Austrian and Slovenian markets, so we will develop the company into a significant player there as well. Continuous operation since December 2013 has shown that the operation of the feed mill is profitable, which can be further enhanced by the planned investment.

UBM Szeleste Feed mill

In November 2012, the most modern feed mill in Hungary started operating in Szentes. Funding of the investment worth more than HUF 2 billion was provided by two Hungarian-owned companies, Hungerit Zrt. and the UBM Group.

Our goal was to produce high-quality feed for the poultry integration of Hungerit company and for other livestock farmers who have honored us with their confidence. The best fully automated control technology has been installed into the feed mill of MA-KA Ltd. The production process is supervised by only two people per shift. The feed mill has an annual capacity of 200,000 tons of finished feed. The actual daily capacity is 550–600 tons. There are several unique, special procedures in the manufacturing process, which, when applied together, can only be found in Hungary, in the feed mill of MA-KA Ltd. in Szentes. Thanks to these features we can provide such effective feeding solutions to our partners that enable us to remain competitive in the animal production sector.

MaKa Feed mill, Szentes

The UBM Group has acquired a 51 percent share in Agromix Ltd. based in Mátészalka, one of the leading feed manufacturers in Northeastern Hungary and Western Romania. The purpose of the co-operation is to enable the two companies to expand effectively together in the region. The plant is in Mátészalka, it has a feed manufacturing and crop drying plant as well as a warehouse base. The feed production line includes the complete range of broiler, turkey, waterfowl, and pig feeds. The plant has an annual feed production capacity of 70,000 tons.

Agromix Feed mill, Mátészalka

Owned by the UBM Group, East Group, and Oprea Avicom, UBM Feed Romania SRL has invested heavily in the agricultural sector of the region in Mureş county. With a total investment of 15.6 million EUR, the country’s largest independent feed mill has been established.

The plant in Sânpaul with a capacity of 30 tons/hour and 220,000 tons annually, is one of the region’s largest and has one of the most modern technologies of feed mills within Europe. The investment was justified by the market potential of the country, including the Transylvanian region.

As the market leader in Hungary, the UBM Group has a sector-specific knowledge of its Romanian competitors which is a significant distinguishing competence. Combined with the market knowledge of the local East Group (which includes grain, raw material, and feed markets) and the experience of Oprea Avicom as a feed user, the three companies thus form a group of investors that could make the UBM Group a major player on the Romanian feed market. The feed mill can produce poultry, pig and ruminant feeds in both mash and pelleted forms, as well as partner-specific individual recipes. An automatic bagging system and a pelletizing system are also connected to the production line, so the factory can supply the customers with products in bulk or in bags of different weights as required. In this way, bagged products may soon be commercially available for backyard feeding.

In 2016, the UBM Group acquired the Tök feed manufacturing plant in North Pest County. The production line is dedicated to pig feeds – Weanking products – in mash, crushed, and pellet forms delivered to the partners packed in bags. In the feed mill, the production of medicated premixes is also permitted. Due to its size, it can be considered a unique plant that ensures the manufacture of products tailored to the special needs of our consumers, as opposed to the large-scale production. Qualified members of the feed manufacturing staff can effectively support the manufacturing of products created through R&D activities. The annual capacity of the feed manufacturing plant is 6,000 tons/year.

UBM Feed mill, Tök

UBM Agro Slovakia s.r.o. started its operation in Slovakia in April 2014. The company’s largest investment was made in October 2018, when it purchased a feed manufacturing plant south of Košice in Čaňa. The current plant was built in 1978, and despite renovations and investments over time, the UBM Group is committed to modernizing the mill, expanding its capacity. There are currently 9 employees in the production process. Sixty percent of the raw material supply is from Slovakia, while other ingredients such as soybean meal and premixes are provided by the parent company.

The current production capacity is 3,000 tons/month, which we would like to increase to a capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 tons/month that will enable us to buy more raw materials from local grain producers. Raw material purchased from Slovak producers would increase from 1,500–2,000 tons/month to 5,000–6,000 tons/month.
UBM Agro Slovakia s.r.o. is currently the only company that produces and ships to partners in 4 countries – Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

UBM Čaňa Feed mill