The grain and oilseed trade division of the UBM Group deals with the trading of cereal grains and oilseeds.

Scope of activities:

  • Purchase of cereal grains in Hungary.
  • Sale of cereal grains on Hungarian and foreign markets.
  • Purchase of the cereal grain raw materials necessary for the feed production volume of the company group.
  • Lease of warehouses on the entire territory of Hungary.

Customer base:

  • End-users, producers, feed mills.
  • Traders, resellers.

The most important export targets:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia

Our deliveries are made by routes that are most suitable for the target countries: by road, by rail or by waterways.
Our quality management systems: ISO 9001, GMP+B3, ISCC EU, BÜGH certificates.

Our division deals with the wholesale trading of the following crops:

  • Wheat (wheat for feeding and milling wheat)
  • Maize (for feeding)
  • Barley (for feeding)
  • Triticale
  • Sunflower seed (LO and HO)
  • Rapeseed

UBM • Grain trade
UBM • Grain trade
UBM • Grain trade
UBM • Grain trade
UBM • Grain trade

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