The Čaňa mixing plant delivers to four countries

UBM Agro Slovakia s.r.o. started its operation in Slovakia on 11 April 2014.

The company’s largest investment was made in October 2018, when it acquired a feed plant in the village of Čaňa, in the Košice region, located to the south of Košice. Since the current feed mixing plant started its operation in 1978, despite the renovations and investment that have been made over time, UBM Group is determined to modernise the mixing plant and expand its capacity.

Currently 9 employees are involved in the production process.

60% of the raw material is sourced from Slovakia, other raw materials, such as soybean meal and premixes, are provided by the parent company.

The current production capacity is 3,000 t/month, which we want to increase to 8-10,000 t/month, thus creating the opportunity to purchase more raw materials from local grain producers. The raw material purchased from Slovakian producers would increase from 1,500-2,000 t/month to 5,000-6,000 t/month.

UBM Agro Slovakia s.r.o is currently the only UBM feed mixing plant that produces for, and supplies to, partners in 4 countries: Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

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