About us

The UBM Group is one of Hungary’s largest crop trader and manufacturer and distributor of compound feed, which has been an active player in the Hungarian feed industry for more than 27 years. Our companie group, which currently comprises 16 companies, is owned by UBM Holding Plc., a company listed on the Hungarian stock exchange, whose operational management is carried out by UBM Trade Zrt. The leading companies in our core activities are UBM Grain Zrt., which coordinates our crop trading activities, and UBM Feed Zrt., which coordinates our feed production and trading activities, but we have also expanded our interests to include the large-scale livestock business. The Group’s feed activities also cover poultry, pig and cattle feeding, supported by a wide range of professional services and servicing, R&D developments and professional training and publications. The group is Hungarian-owned and managed by an international management team. Our professional developments and achievements are achieved in cooperation with numerous national and foreign institutions and companies, and are marked by a large number of professional awards and prizes.

The dynamic growth of the last few years has also allowed us to expand our activities and geographically, mainly in the Central and Eastern European region. In addition to the Hungarian market, which accounts for 55% of our consolidated sales of HUF 231 billion, our business activities cover 15 other countries, including Austria, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia, where we have our own trading and production companies. The headquarters of the group is located in Pilisvörösvár, and in addition to our production plants in Hungary (Szeleste, Környe, Mátészalka, Szentes), we also have feed mixing plants in Slovakia (Čaňa- Hernádcsány) and Romania (Sânpaul – Kerelőszentpál). In the last financial year, we produced 436,000 tonnes of feed in our Hungarian feed mixing plants, in addition to selling 1.5 million tonnes of crops and feed raw materials. Our strategic objective is to achieve 2 million tonnes of annual trade in crops and raw materials and 1 million tonnes of compound feed production in the next 3-4 years, which will require increasing our regional presence and ramping up new business activities. In addition to quantitative growth, we are committed to fully meeting sustainability criteria, ESG compliance and stock market reporting requirements.

Our company is committed to maintaining the “UBM family”, so our family-friendly measures are extensive, as is our corporate support for physical and mental health. Our traditional social responsibility, equal opportunities, and corporate and employee support for those in need are also a key focus.

Péter Horváth

Our main activities

  • International wholesale trade in produce

    • grain-,
    • oilseeds-,
    • protein trade
  • Manufacture and trade of feed

    • poultry feeding
    • pig feeding
    • cattle feeding
    • trade in raw materials
    • export sales
  • Large-scale livestock farming

    • pig breeding and integration
  • Our services

    • laboratory services
    • on-site advice
    • professional training and publications
    • R&D

Our international presence

  • Austria

    • Linz, commercial office
  • Italy

    • Milan, commercial office
  • Romania

    • Bucharest, commercial office
    • SanPaul, feed mill
  • Serbia

    • Belgrade, commercial office
  • Slovakia

    • Kassa, commercial office
    • Cana, feed mill
  • Other trade destinations

    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Ukraine
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Czech Republic
    • Netherlands
    • Croatia
    • Poland
    • Germany
    • Serbia
    • Slovenia
    • Ukraine
    • North Africa

UBM Centre

CSR, social responsibility

Beyond profit, we pay particular attention to the social, economic and environmental responsibility of our Group.

Please see our ESG Report 2023-2024 for details of our value creation actions
(download from PDF).


Our colleagues are the most important asset of our company. The pillars of our success are, among others, their extensive expertise and dedication, which guarantee success. We are looking for prospective employees to join our team and grow with us in the following positions. It’s easier together.

CVs are welcome on a rolling basis at hr@ubm.hu.

Our results and awards


Soypreme® – Product Prize for Hungarian Livestock Breeding

I. ranking
(Livestock Farming Days in the Great Plain)


Product Grand Prix for Hungarian Animal Breeding

Creating whole grain wheat supplementation technology for poultry feed


Recognition in America

Animal Feed Science professional publication


Product Grand Prix for Hungarian Animal Breeding

(Development of feeds for ducklings and fattened ducks by determining species-specific nutrient requirements and digestion coefficients)

2020, 2022

Family-friendly workplace


Responsible employer


Product Grand Prix for Hungarian Animal Breeding

„For the development of palm oil-free feeding of dairy cows and obtaining a trademark for it”