UBM Agro

As far as its activities are concerned, UBM Agro Zrt. specialises in the wholesale of soy bean meal and other protein sources. With the restructuring of the company group, the activity of UB Merchants Kft’s Protein business line was taken over by UBM Agro Zrt, which is carrying on with the values and traditions that characterised UB Merchants Kft. and elevated it to success.

UBM Feed

The Feed business line commenced its activities in 2003 within UB Merchants Kft. As of the beginning of 2009, the company started producing its own products at its Környe plant, where the traditions and reliability of the “Környe Feed” brand are combined with state-of-the-art production technology and modern nutritional values.

UBM Grain

UBM Grain Zrt. engages in the trade of grains and oilseeds, and for the most part, it purchases goods in Hungary and sells on both domestic and foreign markets. Key international target countries include Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Greece.

UBM Genetics

UBM Genetics Kft. is responsible for the representation of Hypor swine genetics in Hungary. In this context, it performs boar sales, organises farm breeding and provides comprehensive professional consulting services. In the future, this activity will expand with the sale of sperm from the soon-to-be constructed boar farm.

kezes_kepThe UBM Group

UBM’s 3 core business lines are protein trade, cereal trade and feeds. On an annual basis, UBM moves more than 1 million tons of goods, and the three business lines progress and grow head to head. They contribute to the company group’s profits to a nearly equal extent, which provides immense stability and security.

The company commenced its activities in 1996 as an importer of soy bean meal. Since 2000 to date, it has been the largest importer of soy bean meal in Hungary, accounting for nearly 30% of Hungarian imports. It started cereal trade in 1998, and today the annual turnover of cereal and oilseed is over 500,000 tons and keeps increasing dynamically. We started trading raw materials for feeds in 2001. UBM is Hungary’s largest trading company dealing in raw material for feeds, and it is a major feed producer.

Our portfolio is expanding continuously, and in addition to trade and production, we also contribute to our partners’ success through complex consulting. We have developed a presence in animal healthcare as well. The company, amongst other things, is responsible for the exclusive marketing of Hypor pig genetics products on the Hungarian market. Our multi-award-winning company group focuses on the marketing of the sector’s most innovative products as well as research and development as a priority.

Ever since our foundation, we have been committed to corporate social responsibility, and have been supporting numerous Hungarian charity, sports and children’s organisations with funds as well as other means.

It is the long-term objective of the UBM Group to not just remain one of Hungary’s leading feed producers and protein traders, as well as one of the country’s major cereal traders, but the company is also looking to go beyond the country’s borders – slowly, cautiously, with great care but also with great determination –, and enter the markets of Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Croatia.

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